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CES Mentoring Initiative

Welcome to the Canadian Evaluation Society's (CES) Mentoring Initiative!

This site offers a mentoring opportunity for Members of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES).  CES Members may register as a mentor, mentee, or both! You can search for a mentor, or notify others of your availability to mentor them. Signing up takes just a few minutes, and you can see a list of available mentors immediately. 

There is no charge to use this service; however you must be a CES Member and have an approved registration code.  To get started, please review the material in the Resources section and then email to request a registration code. Once you receive the code and register as a user, you will be able to use the site.  Alternately, you may refer to the CES Members-only website for instructions under How To Use Benefit Plans – CES Mentoring Initiative.

This site was developed with significant involvement from volunteers in the Canadian evaluation community and with financial contributions from many Canadian Evaluation Society Chapters.  Special thanks to each and every visionary for spearheading the initiative.

To see a list of frequently asked questions, go to the FAQ section of this website.

For more information on the Canadian Evaluation Society or to become a member please visit